Textile Recycling

Why recycle textiles?

The fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world. So many new resources are used to create cheap, ready to wear clothing which is called "fast fashion". By recycling textiles (clothing) it increases the lifespan of the garment but it also keeps clothing out of the landfill.

Here are a few facts about textile recycling and its importance:

  • The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that the average person throws away 70 pounds of clothing per year. That adds up to 3.8 billion pounds of unnecessary waste added to our landfills.
  • Clothing and household textiles currently make up 5.2% of the waste in landfills.
  •  Recycling clothing and textiles decreases the use of natural resources, such as water used in growing crops and petroleum used in creating new clothing and textiles. It also decreases the need for chemicals used in manufacturing new textiles and the pollution caused by the manufacturing process.

Shopping at second hand or thrift stores, plus buying vintage or upcycled clothing is one of the BEST things you can do for the planet!